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korea : Waeyo? -Part II-
Monday, January 31, 2011

okaaay,1st...  Assalamualaikum to all readers :)
Today,it's time for me to continue writing about yesterday topic ,hehe (^_^)v
I got feedback about WHY people love and obessed with Kpop :)
Actually,they're totally right! When we talk about Kpop,it's not only about their idols singer
but there're some other reasons why Korean is love by others ;D

For example,their shows...Whatever shows such as Dream Team, Oh!My School,
2 Days 1 Night and etc.......
These shows really make us laugh,have fun and teach us about a strong relationship between friends,
at the same time *u can watch  Oh! My School,for sure* :D
This feeling make us more interested to love their shows.

Like Balqis said : "Because they have awesome voice and their song meanings are really meaningful and lovely..
*rating-5star!They are hot, great in dancing." :)

YESSS! i do,agree about that! LOL :D

They can sing and dance at the same time! Don't u feel this is awesome??? :)
And,of course...they're Hot too! <3
for example,u can see Taecyeon from 2PM or CAP from TEEN TOP .
Their body are so.........omg! Hot u know... *haha,blusher* =P

 Teen Top Charisma Rapper-CAP

‘jjit' Taecyeon ...

And then...like Tyra said : "because their songs is nice. plus their performance is great. and 
their outfit is hot.oh and, their shows are fun to watch." :D

Hmmm,i don't know what to say anymore... everyone have their reasons for loving Kpop,
am I right?? :D
 They're really : 
lovely  (✓)
adorable (✓)
cute/handsome*for boys*(✓)
funny (✓)
daebakkk! (✓)
their voice are awesome! (✓)
their dance can make girls melting! (✓)

So,thats all... 감사합니다  for reading my blog :)
I'll try to update anything about Kpop after this,so... stay tuned~ haha xD

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