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Hey, Soul Sister [regular Chorus]

korea : Waeyo? -Part II-
Monday, January 31, 2011

okaaay,1st...  Assalamualaikum to all readers :)
Today,it's time for me to continue writing about yesterday topic ,hehe (^_^)v
I got feedback about WHY people love and obessed with Kpop :)
Actually,they're totally right! When we talk about Kpop,it's not only about their idols singer
but there're some other reasons why Korean is love by others ;D

For example,their shows...Whatever shows such as Dream Team, Oh!My School,
2 Days 1 Night and etc.......
These shows really make us laugh,have fun and teach us about a strong relationship between friends,
at the same time *u can watch  Oh! My School,for sure* :D
This feeling make us more interested to love their shows.

Like Balqis said : "Because they have awesome voice and their song meanings are really meaningful and lovely..
*rating-5star!They are hot, great in dancing." :)

YESSS! i do,agree about that! LOL :D

They can sing and dance at the same time! Don't u feel this is awesome??? :)
And,of course...they're Hot too! <3
for example,u can see Taecyeon from 2PM or CAP from TEEN TOP .
Their body are so.........omg! Hot u know... *haha,blusher* =P

 Teen Top Charisma Rapper-CAP

‘jjit' Taecyeon ...

And then...like Tyra said : "because their songs is nice. plus their performance is great. and 
their outfit is hot.oh and, their shows are fun to watch." :D

Hmmm,i don't know what to say anymore... everyone have their reasons for loving Kpop,
am I right?? :D
 They're really : 
lovely  (✓)
adorable (✓)
cute/handsome*for boys*(✓)
funny (✓)
daebakkk! (✓)
their voice are awesome! (✓)
their dance can make girls melting! (✓)

So,thats all... 감사합니다  for reading my blog :)
I'll try to update anything about Kpop after this,so... stay tuned~ haha xD

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korea : Waeyo?
Sunday, January 30, 2011

As we know,KOREA become more popular all over the world . It's all began with their Kpop Idols... As i know,Korea become more popular 
since 2008 or 2009 :)
It's called the phenomena of 'Korean Wave' .
At first,people only know about their dramas and movies, but now...
when they're start crazy about 'Kpop World' , they start to learn about 
Korean's culture, 

But for teenagers nowadays,(especially GIRLS!) I realise that they're 
interested to learn about 
Korean Language.*just like me* ;)

When I ask about Kpop Idols,everyone(especially girls) will screaming like "Arghh!! They're really cute!"
"I know them,they're hot,u know..." , "Who is your bias?!" :D
From this,we can see that most of the Malaysian knows about Kpop!
Not only Malaysian,but everyone know about it! As I said, Korea is famous
all over the world!

or maybe...SHINee?
The answer is YESSS!

BUT the question is... KENAPA? WHY? WAEYO? *try to use Korean language* ;P
Why they're so crazy about Kpop? 
And,some of them are OBSESSED with it~ ^^
WHY ???
I just wanna know the reason. Give me ur opinion ;)

P/S : I've to go... I'll continue with this, later~  annyeong!!! :-D

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ALL ABOUT KPOP! Let's Do This~
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Come and Vote! Its all about kpop ;)

>CLICK HERE<  to vote! :D


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5 Best ways to lose weight for Women! :)
Friday, January 28, 2011

 Tadi saje je Google sbb boring then terjumpa mcm2 tips utk kurangkan berat bdn but dgn cara yg sihat! So skrg,saja nk share dgn everyone~ Very Simple! Look here!!! >.<

semua orang sama ada lelaki atau perempuan mesti nak 'lose weight' kan, kan? Tapi kebenarannya,perempuan are more aggressive or desperate to lose weight fast. Am I right? ;)
So,here are some tips utk di share kan bersama... hehe ^.^

#1 finding the right reasons :

-kalau betul nk lose weigh,kita mesti tau sebab2nya. WHY? KENAPA? WAE?
 It is unsurprising if you cannot come up with 10 reasons at least, but mesti    korang ada sebab kenapa nk kurangkan berat badan kan? tak kan saja2 :D

#2 make sure you have a strong support group :

-Boleh suruh kawan2 tolong you lose weight by not serving unhealthy foods atau ajak keluar makan junk foods n etc yg boleh naikkan berat bdn. heee~ +.+

#3 Calorie counting :

-make sure korang selalu monitor your calories sbb it's very important! I found this!!!

*Another important fact to remember is the pound calorie ratio of 3500:1. This means, in every 3500 excess calories your body gains, you gain a pound; in every 3500 excess calories your body burns, you lose a pound; and if you are consuming just the right amount of calories that your body burns daily, you keep your weight.* :)

#4 Engage in fun activities(exercise) :

-Some activities yg menarik boleh dilakukan seperti  badminton, volleyball, and swimming,  dancing, and the famous Pilates and yoga.

#5 Get as much workout as you can :

-try to avoid sitting for long hours in front of the TV or computer, but instead, why don’t you do simple workouts like jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Another good calorie-burning activity at home is doing household chores like mowing, mopping, and washing dishes. This will not only make your house clean and organized, but helps you lose weight as well.

okaay! so,lepas baca ni...apa perasaan korang?Tindakan? aku maybe nk cuba tips2 ni! haha ;)

well,aku jmpa ni dr satu website... thanks to this website :D
credits: http://www.howtoloseweighthealthy.com/


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Ushaaa :-P
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assalamualaikum, :)
         Yesss! hari ni dpt usha jugak budak tu... act,TAK minat and TAk suka pon bdk tu...
Just SUKA USHA je! Betul ni!. heheee~  ^_* 
         Tu pon sbb muka dia boleh tahan la~  1st time dlm sekolah aku,,,aku nmpk bdk lelaki yg buat aku pndang dia 2 KALI!!! ;) gedikk kan kan? HAHA :D   and yeahh~ that boy...younger than me! haha,gila kan?!! hanya kwn  aku jee tau sape bdk tu. MIDOT and ESHA... SHUT UP!!! hahaahha~  :)p

         But,ingin perbetulkan keadaan di sini yaaa~  Nggak suka TAPI suka usha! Itu SAJA! :D and most important, i'm not a stalker ya!!?!!  ingt aku x de life ke nk stalking budak2? hoho =P
Korean boy still in my heart~  and,L.Joe still my 1st (yeke?)  LOVE. hahah . LOL xD

ahhhh~  i think that's all for todayy! :-)

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Award to all my Followers @ Friendss
Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello! Salam and annyeong~
Today,i just want to give an award to all my followers @ friends ;)
followers sikit je tp saje  nk bg award pulak kan...gedikks,haha =P
haihh,biar la. i just want to appreciate my followers yg sudi n rajin follow blog saya
yang agk messy ni...
so,,,ini dia award yg x seberapa tu...gmbr tu,i just got it from google
then edit2 sikit jea...
but,takkan korg nk gmbr  je kan?
so,i prepare some questions for u all~
Jawab semua soaln tu ,okayy???
Taadaaa! Just for you~

1. Siapa owner blog yg bg award ni? -Nama & url blog-  ;D

2. Adakah kamu ini kpop lover sama seperti pemberi award ini? ;)

3. If you are a kpop lover,who ARE you bias?-give me 5 only-If No,u can ignore this question =)

4. 3 lagu yang anda selalu dgr buat masa skrg ? ^^

5. Adakah anda mempunyai Formspring?? Jika ya,apakah url FS anda?

6. Anda rasa blog pemberi award ini cantik?

7. Kata-kata anda khas utk pemberi award ini...

NOTE : You can't copy the questions as usual...SO,
when u want to copy the questions,just press Ctrl + C. Done! :))
 AND DO, TAKE THE PIC. TOO. heee~ tqvm :D

Okaayy! I think thats all for today :D
Thanks for being my followers! I Supa Luv You all~ ♥
감사합니다  *bow*

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TEEN TOP Single Album Vol. 2 - Transform!
Sunday, January 16, 2011

ATTENTION TO ALL MALAYSIANs!!! Who wants to order TEEN TOP Single Album Vol. 2 - Transform!??? do visit this link!--> TEEN TOP SINGLE ALBUM VOL.2 - TRANSFORM!
we need about 3-5 person only! come quickly! ahahaha. :D
kalau nk tnya apa2,u can contact me on my twitter!!!--> http://twitter.com/Jialjoe
i just help my friend :)) i got excited to promote TEEN TOP! hehe ^^ they're my SUPA LUV!!!<3

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Homeworks T_T
Sunday, January 9, 2011

        today is sunday and guess what? i'm not finish my h/w yet! :-P
act,there's alot of h/w for me to finish it but yeahhh,this is me... MALAS. >.<
but i promise to finish it after i update my beloved blog. :)

thats all for today...? ^^

writtern @4:50 AM

Cute Unicorn http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc498/b2utyvanilla93/248398_17405_n.jpg?t=1308143169