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5 Best ways to lose weight for Women! :)
Friday, January 28, 2011

 Tadi saje je Google sbb boring then terjumpa mcm2 tips utk kurangkan berat bdn but dgn cara yg sihat! So skrg,saja nk share dgn everyone~ Very Simple! Look here!!! >.<

semua orang sama ada lelaki atau perempuan mesti nak 'lose weight' kan, kan? Tapi kebenarannya,perempuan are more aggressive or desperate to lose weight fast. Am I right? ;)
So,here are some tips utk di share kan bersama... hehe ^.^

#1 finding the right reasons :

-kalau betul nk lose weigh,kita mesti tau sebab2nya. WHY? KENAPA? WAE?
 It is unsurprising if you cannot come up with 10 reasons at least, but mesti    korang ada sebab kenapa nk kurangkan berat badan kan? tak kan saja2 :D

#2 make sure you have a strong support group :

-Boleh suruh kawan2 tolong you lose weight by not serving unhealthy foods atau ajak keluar makan junk foods n etc yg boleh naikkan berat bdn. heee~ +.+

#3 Calorie counting :

-make sure korang selalu monitor your calories sbb it's very important! I found this!!!

*Another important fact to remember is the pound calorie ratio of 3500:1. This means, in every 3500 excess calories your body gains, you gain a pound; in every 3500 excess calories your body burns, you lose a pound; and if you are consuming just the right amount of calories that your body burns daily, you keep your weight.* :)

#4 Engage in fun activities(exercise) :

-Some activities yg menarik boleh dilakukan seperti  badminton, volleyball, and swimming,  dancing, and the famous Pilates and yoga.

#5 Get as much workout as you can :

-try to avoid sitting for long hours in front of the TV or computer, but instead, why don’t you do simple workouts like jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Another good calorie-burning activity at home is doing household chores like mowing, mopping, and washing dishes. This will not only make your house clean and organized, but helps you lose weight as well.

okaay! so,lepas baca ni...apa perasaan korang?Tindakan? aku maybe nk cuba tips2 ni! haha ;)

well,aku jmpa ni dr satu website... thanks to this website :D
credits: http://www.howtoloseweighthealthy.com/


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