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Hey, Soul Sister [regular Chorus]

Mimpi Eli ;D
Friday, December 31, 2010

salam n annyeong!~

               okay! nk citer sket. smlm aku mimpi psl ELI ♥ .  ;)
emm,u know...how much i like him. HAHA *ayat poyo* :-P  well,mana x termimpi-mimpi psl dia... aku tgk video dia dlm " WE ARE DATING" smpai pukul 3AM ,hehe ^^  Eli ni agk mischievous,but gentleman. 
HAHA XD    dia sgt hot n handsome!<3  
dia buat rmbut mcm mana pon still nmpk cute:)   apa-apa pun,aku suka lah dia ni! hihi ;D

okay , i think thats all. heee~ ^_^

writtern @10:32 PM

Cute Unicorn http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc498/b2utyvanilla93/248398_17405_n.jpg?t=1308143169