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exam result ... T_T
Saturday, November 13, 2010

hmm,salam & annyeong! ^^

  Hmmm~ my result for final exam was so bad!!!!!! T____T'
but for sure,its all my fault! i'm not study for the final exam and now,the result was so BADDD! haih~
hope,i still in my class next year :)  love 4LK !!!<3  and i hope i will be in the same class next year,5LK or 5 SC 3! :D

   okay2,just want to let u know...i got 2As' only in my final exam..:(.  haha,so sad and terrible right?
emm,whatever! NOW,,,lets enjoy!!! sebelum next year menjelma,jom lepak2 + main2 + online + playing games and so on...sbb,bila bukak je mata next year...HELLO to SPM and GOODBYE  from4!!! T_T  
what else to do? just STUDY!!! hmmm~ Nooooo!

   Time is running so fast!!! i wont to be SPM candidate! omooo, help me! haha ;D

okay! gtg.....buzzer beat is about to start now! annyeong~~~ (^.^)

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