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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Annyeong and salam to my readers, ^^

            Emm,yesterday was a boring day! :'(   and guess what? i'm not study for my final exam!!! aigoo~ kind of busy doing something---->ONLINE! hahaha... ;D

            BUT,,,there's something good happen in my life too... ;)
I have no idea when someone came to my house...he walked in and ask something to my mom. and you know what?? He's the astro installer.! why did he come to my house?? =.='
and suddenly my aunt tell me that we wanted to change our 'old' astro to astro byond! I'm very happy to hear that! (^_^)

            The happiest thing when we change to astro byond is.... 393! korean channel~   :D
i can watch korean drama,star king,kpop countdown and many things there!!! ^^
I'm glad to have it.. Life is full of suprise! cant wait what will happen in future... '.'

okay,i think thats all for now. Annyeong~  and have a nice day! :)

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