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Hey, Soul Sister [regular Chorus]

Annyeong and hye!
Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello and Salam to my readers! Hope you guys have a nice day~  ^.^
first of all,i want to introduce a little about myself...

  Okay,my name is Azira but my family and my friends call me 'Jia' . :)  I was born on 14th June 1994. I like to watch korean drama,listen to kpop idols's songs and sleep! Zzzz~. hehe (^_*)
I love kpop idols...2PM,Teen Top,Beast,Ft Island,etc...but i love 2PM and Teen Top the most <3
My favourite colours are Red and Blue. I like to eat korean foods, like 'kimchi' and 'bibimbap'. :D
aigoo,too much introduction right? ok2,i will stop here! haha :p

  See you next time! annyeong~   :))

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